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Im seeing Balance and Seahaven tonight :) !!

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visvim SS15 Trunkshow | HAVEN Vancouver


visvim SS15 Trunkshow | HAVEN Vancouver

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"I would die for you but don’t think much of it.
Cause I would die for me too and won’t think much of it.
Just give me an excuse and don’t think much of it.

We can’t be young forever
And we can’t stay free together.

If heaven is a home and a pretty face,
I’d rather hole away in some lonely dark place.”

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Photographer Michael Anderson


Photographer Michael Anderson

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Acne Studios FW 11

This collection was, according to Jonny Johansson, founder of Acne Studios, somewhat of a closing of a chapter in the history of Acne. For some reason, the brand started to develop, grow, and get more attention in the fashion industry, and eventually started to show their collections at Paris fashion week. 

It is a small collection of 26 looks, minimal, rather timeless, and trade-mark Acne. The silhouettes are quite androgynous: over-sized jackets, blazers, and vests, worn with cropped suit pants, or draped velvet pants. The color palette is mostly restrained to black, beige, pale pink, and browns, but it also included some vibrant colours such as cobalt blue, mustard yellow, a leather vest in a blood-red color, and garments in metallic fabric. There is a mix of fabrics and textures; velvet, leather, denim, and with some pieces covered in a thin layer of tulle.  

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